Monday 26 September 2022

FreeQMail the email service providor from the Qubli Group of Companies. Since the start of Qubli we knew we needed a good and powerful application for our internal email systems. We found this in the sense of Roundcube / Squirrelmail. But it was not that userfriendly going through, and montly increasing list of, domainnames. So we created the domain and company FreeQMail which took away all hassle.

FreeQMail became so enthusiastic about this service that they opened it for the public. FreeQMail had no idea that within a month they where running out of datacapacity. So they enlarged it. And kept enlarging it until December 2013. 

The public service is closed from December 2013 onwards but FreeQMail are hoping and working to get a new public platform open a.s.a.p.

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